SRA250 Aeronautical Chart Johannesburg (edition 2024)

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Product description

Edition 2024, SRA Johannesburg 1:250,000: The SRA250 aeronautical chart is the first aeronautical chart for South Africa that corresponds in its quality and design to the ICAO Germany 1:500,000 aeronautical chart and is therefore the optimum chart for VFR flights in South Africa.
In South Africa, so-called "Special Rules Areas" are defined for the highly frequented airspaces around Johannesburg and Cape Town, which permit VFR flights below the controlled airspace according to special rules. So called. TIBA zones (TIBA = "Traffic Information Broadcasts by Aircraft") allow these airspaces to be crossed on predefined routes at predetermined altitudes without contact with air traffic control centres. Separation is carried out by the pilots themselves on the basis of regular position reports on the various TIBA frequencies at predefined reporting points.

The SRA250 contains the latest and currently valid topography and air traffic control information, such as:

- VFR reporting points
- SRA transit routes
- SRA sectors with TIBA frequencies
- Aerodromes with name, location and frequency as well as runway length and orientation
- Radio navigation facilities (NDB, VOR, VOR/DME, VORTAC) with name, frequency and identifier in Morse code
- Aeronautical obstacles and maximum elevation figures
- Isogones
- Motorway designations
- Integrated coordinate ruler

The back of the map shows the following information:

- ATIS and NAVAID frequencies
- space frequencies
- OPS and MET phone numbers 
- VFR reporting point coordinates
- routes and rules of the special rules area
- VFR semicircle altitudes and VFR transponder circuit
- information on the heigh measurement setting
- light signals
Ausgabe / Auflage / Jahr: 2024
Flight rule: VFR
Manufacturer / Publisher: R. Eisenschmidt GmbH
Country / Continent: Afrika
Scale: 1:250.000
Medium: Paper / Book / Magazine
Sport: Engine powered flight Buchs © 2021