V500 Aeronautical Chart Austria Glider (edition 2023) (preorder)

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Product description

Edition 2023, Austria Glider: The aeronautical chart V500 Glider is the first aeronautical chart for gliders that corresponds in quality and design to the German ICAO glider chart 1:500,000. The V500 Glider is published with metric data and offers more safety and flexibility abroad with its clear topography display and up-to-date air traffic control information. It covers the territory of Austria including neighbouring countries and consists of one map sheet.

The V500 contains the latest and currently valid topography and air traffic control information such as

VFR reporting points
aerodromes with name, place name and frequency as well as length and orientation of the runway and location of the traffic circuit
Information on the aerodrome circuit, display of aerodrome heights
FIS sectors with frequencies
Gliding areas, hang gliders and microlight aircraft areas, parachute jump areas and balloon launch sites
radio navigation equipment (NDB, VOR, VOR/DME, VORTAC) with name, frequency and Morse code identification
Aviation Obstacles and Maximum Elevation Figures
Motorway designations
Integrated coordinate ruler
The back of the card displays the following information:

ATIS and VOLMET frequencies
Semi-circular flight altitudes VFR and VFR remote control
Information on the altimeter setting
Light signals

Ausgabe / Auflage / Jahr: 2023
Manufacturer / Publisher: R. Eisenschmidt GmbH
Country / Continent: Austria
Material: Paper
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