Exterior Antenna RAMI AV-530 (VHF/COM)

CHF 289.00

Product no.: AV-530

Product description

The RAMI AV-530 is designed for broadband communications. The antenna has a die-cast aluminum base and a tapered stainless steel whip for less drag at higher airspeeds. It is supplied with a weather-sealing gasket and mounting hardware. The antenna is designed to operate at speeds up to 350 mph and altitudes up to 50,000 ft. It has a drag force of 1.65 lb @ 250 mph. This antenna is a direct replacement for the COMANT CI 292-1.

Product Specifications:

  • Model    AV-530
  • Application    Airborne Communications
  • Frequency    118 – 137 MHz
  • Impedance    50 Ohms Nominal
  • VSWR    2.5:1 Maximum
  • Polarization    Vertical
  • Pattern    Omni-Directional
  • Connector    “BNC” Female
  • Max Height    22.75″
  • RF Power Capacity    25 Watts
  • FAA TSO    C37d, C38d Buchs © 2021