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Product description

All weather covers - standart
Our standard covers are made from high quality, durable, yet light and breathable material. For the top cover we use a two-layer construction with a waterproof outer shell and an inner, structured, cotton layer which acts as self-polishing material. The lower side of the wings and the elevator are made from an extremely robust mesh fabric which allows for good ventilation. Bags which are integrated into the wing roots can be used for storage- or transportation. Cords on the inside of the covers allow for easy mounting and dismounting. Where the wing wheels touches the ground the covers are reinforced with rugged fabric.

UncutableTM all weather covers
Since we started the production of our premium product UncutableTM covers in 2009 this product has convinced a lot of customers! Starting point for the development of the covers was the idea to offer covers that combine highest tensile strength with even better ventilation. To achieve this the cotton layer of our dual layer standard cover is replaced by our 2mm thick, strong, yet soft mesh frabric on the surfaces of the wings and the elevator. As a result the covers are extremely robust - the mesh frabric will not tear even if pulled over sharp edges like winglets. At the same time the air circulation is yet improved - this and the fact that the mesh material is purely synthetic - makes the covers very resistant to mould. With the improvements mentioned the UncutableTM covers are ideally suited for clubs and for extremely wet climates. The image on the right provides a detailed overview of the functionality of UncutableTM covers.

All weather covers with impact protection
In this product line multiple layers of our 3mm thick mesh material can be added by velcro to the wings and the elevator of standard all weather covers. Although we can not give a guarantee this option will provide a protection of the surfaces of the aircraft against mechanic stress, for example light hail. This option is interesting for pilots who do not have the option to derig or hangar the aircraft.

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