Area Chart ICAO 1:250 000 2024

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Area Chart ICAO 1:250 000

Edition 2024

Airspace covered: GND - FL 195
The front side of the "Zurich Area" map covers the terminal areas (TMAs) of the airports of Zurich (LSZH), Bern (LSZB), Grenchen (LSZG) and partially Basel (LFSB),  and St. Gallen-Altenrhein (LSZR). On the back is the "Geneva Area" with the TMAs of the Geneva Airport (LSGG) illustrated in large scale. A basic map, now revised and specially adapted to the needs of VFR pilots, provides the topographic basics. Combined with the new, more readable depiction of flight safety information, the map simplifies orientation in the complex airspaces of the airports listed. A table with important frequencies for Switzerland and adjoining border areas was also added. The map is an ideal supplement to the official aviation map of Switzerland ICAO 1:500 000. It is updated yearly so it is always current. Buchs © 2021