AIRBATT ICOM IC-A120EB ground station only for information points

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Product description

The IC-A120EB is a high-performance radio ground station with built-in LiFePO4 battery and antenna for mobile use at airports according to EN 300 676-2 approval. Ideal for the flight management on small gliders with info-approval.
  • Frequency range VHF 118,000 to 136,992 MHz
  • Channel spacing 8.33 / 25 kHz
  • Transmission power 9 watt +1.5 dB / -3 dB
  • IP54 Dust and water protected (device)
  • 8,33kHz / 25 kHz channel raster
  • Operating time 20h (stand-by) Battery 10Ah

Easy handling
The radio with its dot matrix display is excellent to read, so you can recognize the signs and symbols well. Memory channels and other settings can be easily made by the users via the controls on the front panel. The built-in charging jacks allow the battery to be charged using the included charger.
The supplied antenna cable antenna or the cable of a high antenna can be connected to the PL antenna output.

Optional Bluetooth® headset usable
If an optional Bluetooth® unit UT-133A is installed in the IC-A120E, the radio can be wirelessly connected to a third-party Bluetooth® headset. When using the optional Icom Bluetooth® headset VS-3, the monitoring function is also available.

Optional speaker microphone HM-217
Reception signals can also be heard via the loudspeaker installed in the HM-217 microphone. The up / down keys on the front of the microphone and the two programmable keys (P1 / P2) allow direct access to frequently required functions.

Other features
A total of 200 memory channels with up to 12 character names / 12 V and 24 V power possible / 8.33 kHz and 25 kHz channel spacing / 36 W (PEP) output power / dual watch and priority search / power-on password protection / PC -programmable / CI-V commands for remote control / RoIP-Gateway VE-PG3 for coupling with other radio devices / Corresponds to European E-Marking for installation in vehicles

  • Handheld microphone HM-216
  • Charger Airbatt
  • PL - Angle connector with rubber antenna
  • Optional accessories:

Bluetooth® unit UT-133A
Bluetooth® headset VS-3 (usable with the UT-133A)
Handheld microphone HM-216 (as supplied)
Speakerphone HM-217
Headset adapter OPC-871A for the connection of other manufacturers' radio headsets
RoIP Gateway VE-PG3 and OPC-2275 cable for coupling to other radio devices

The IC-A120EB is designed for ground use only. It has an EN 300 676-2 approval. It can not and may not be used on airplanes or as a main radio.

Technology: LiFePO4
Channel spacing: 8,33 kHz 25 kHz
Transponder: No
Betriebsdauer: 20 h
Product weight: 1,40 Kg
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