AIRBATT Energiepower ASG29 12V 10Ah LiFePO4 avionic battery with MPX Coupling and Carry strap front

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Product description

The innovation for glider pilots
AIRBATT Energy Power Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

AIRBATT Energiepower lithium iron phosphate batteries ( LiFePO4 ) are made of high-quality, certified cells and offer several advantages over commercially available lead batteries of the same size:

  • 1/2 weight for the same size - only 2 Kg
  • 2500 charging cycles vs. 350 to 600 charging cycles
  • 100% capacity utilisation vs. 65% recommended depth of discharge
  • Quick charge capability (2C)
  • integrated BMS (Battery Management System) with:
    • charging balancing of the individual cells
    • Protection circuit against short circuit
    • deep discharge protection

With the same size, the LiFePO4 batteries have a higher energy density, i.e. a weight saving of 50% is achieved. AIRBATT LiFePO4 batteries also score in terms of depth of discharge, number of cycles and charging time. LiFePO4 batteries allow almost 100% of the capacity to be used. In contrast, lead-acid batteries should not exceed a recommended depth of discharge of more than 65% to avoid entering the range of deep discharge, which is harmful to the batteries. In addition, LiFePO4 batteries score with their high number of cycles of at least 2000 charging cycles - a multiple compared to the conventionally used lead batteries, which range from 350 to 600 charging cycles depending on the manufacturer and product series. With a recommended max. charging current of 5A (2C), the AIRBATT LiFePO4 12V 10Ah is also fast-chargeable.

AIRBATT Energiepower LiFePO4 batteries are tested batteries. During quality control, each individual battery is subjected to the following tests:

  • Capacity test 
  • High frequency test 
  • acceleration test 
  • high current test

The BMS integrated in the battery housing is equipped with an active balancer for charge balancing of the individual cells, a short-circuit protection circuit and deep discharge protection. Because the BMS limits the current draw to 30A, the AIRBATT Energiepower 12V 10Ah is not suitable as a starter battery. With our AIRBATT Startpower product series, we offer you LiFePO4 starter batteries with high starting current and low weight.

We offer chargers for the AIRBATT Energiepower series with the lead-acid and LiFePO4 chargers of the AIRBATT Powercharger product line. Commercially available lead-acid chargers with a charging voltage between 14.5V and max. 14.8V with an IU charging curve (CCCV) can also be used. It is imperative to ensure that the LiFePO4 batteries are not exposed to a charging voltage of more than 15V, otherwise they may be damaged. Chargers with Refresh or Recond mode and a charging voltage of 15.5V (or more) are therefore completely unsuitable. With these devices, it is not ensured that this automatic charging system, which is designed for lead batteries, does not also start with LiFePO4 batteries.

!   !   !     ATTENTION !   !   !
*It is essential to observe the installation specifications of the aircraft manufacturer and the operating manual!

*The battery consists of individual cells certified according to UL1642 in their own housings with electronics and is therefore a battery unit.

*The plastic housing is only a non-waterproof enclosure, therefore submersion of this battery will result in Damage.

*Therefore, submersion of this battery will result in damage and must be avoided.

*Series connection (24V connection) is only possible to a limited extent and should be only  after consultation with an employee!

*An Export to the United States of America is not permitted without the written consent of Buchs © 2021