Aeronautical Chart ICAO 1:500.000, Nuremberg (Edition 2024)

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Von Nord nach Süd, Ost nach West oder in die Nachbarländer.

Edition 2024, Nuremberg: The Aeronautical Chart ICAO 1: 500.000 is the standard chart used for executing VFR flights. It shows the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany and the surrounding countries.The chart contains all the important topography and air traffic control information such as:

  • Current airspace structure and topography
  • VFR reporting points
  • Aerodromes with name, location indicator and frequency, length and direction of the runway, information on direction finders and location of the traffic circuit
  • FIS sectors with frequencies
  • Glider sites, sites for hang gliders and ultralight aircraft,
  • Parachute landing areas, free balloon launch sites
  • Radio navigation aids (NDB, VOR, VOR / DME, VORTAC) with name, frequency and Morse Code identification
  • Obstacles and maximum elevation figures
  • Isogonals
  • Motorways with identification
  • High frequently used skydiving areas (parachute symbol plus red circle)

The backside of the ICAO Chart 1:500.000 includes the following information:

  • Overview of airspace structure
  • Transponder and altimeter settings
  • ATIS and VOLMET frequencies
  • Light signals
Ausgabe / Auflage / Jahr: 2023
Flight rule: VFR
Area: Nuremberg
Manufacturer / Publisher: DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung
Country / Continent: Germany
Scale: 1:500.000
Medium: Paper / Book / Magazine
Sport: Engine powered flight Buchs © 2021